Pet Groomer Gives Free Haircuts to Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted

October 12, 2017

Meet Mark Imhof, "The Dog Guy." He has a heart of gold when it comes to the quality of life for animals. He works in New York City as a dog groomer. 

Mark isn't only good at making dogs look good on the outside, he is able to make them feel good on the inside. Yes, dogs have feelings too. With a bath and a haircut, Mark can potentially change these dog's lives forever.

"The Dog Guy" decided one day that he would put his services to good use — for free! Mark would head down to the local animal shelter and provide free grooming services to dogs that were looking to get adopted.

This idea all started when Mark and his fiancee adopted their first pit bull, Cleo.

“[She] was so utterly defeated when we brought her home,” Mark says. “A simple shower just lifted her spirits and we thought, wouldn’t it be great if someone could go groom shelter animals? And it became me.”

Since then, Mark has done dozens of grooming services for adoptable pets in NYC, and many of those dogs have found homes to loving families. The ones that are still there can be found at Animal Care Centers of New York City

Mark has been doing this for over two years now, and the demand for these grooming services doesn't look to be slowing down. So, if you are a pet groomer and are looking to volunteer, contact your local animal shelter to see if you can provide your services and help a shelter animal find their forever home.

For more information on "The Dog Guy," you can check out his Instagram page here
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