Texas Man Wielding Pickax Shot and Killed By Police

March 07, 2018

A 46-year-old man was shot and killed by Austin Police this morning after he raised a pickax against approaching officers.


Police were called to the scene responding to a reported shooting in East Austin, Texas and found the suspect armed with a pickax.




After 10 minutes of negotiating with the man and commanding him to drop his weapon, the officers moved in.




The officers at first used less lethal rounds and a stun gun, but the man used a chair to block incoming shots. When he raised his pickax at the approaching police, they had no choice but to shoot the suspect.


The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.



Police Chief Brian Manley said that five officers were involved in the shooting, and as is standard practice, all have been placed on administrative duty until the investigation is complete.


“My heart goes out, the department's heart, the city’s heart goes out to this family,” said Chief Manley. “But when we respond to an incident like this, and not knowing what had happened in that house, there was a need to get in and make sure that there had not been anyone harmed.”


Police added that the suspect appeared to have left a suicide note.


In other news, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the police officer killed last night in Missouri. Read the full story in the next article below.

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