Pictures Released of Prince George Is Leaving People Disgusted; Many Can't Believe Kate Would Allow This

June 12, 2018

Pictures have been released of Prince George recently and many people are left outraged. Many people are wondering what Kate Middleton was thinking. 

While there are more important things to get upset about, people are furious that the 4-year-old prince was playing with a plastic, toy gun.

Many of us grew up playing with toy guns or even used sticks, super soakers, or our fingers to pretend they were guns. There was nothing malicious about it at the time, and there's nothing malicious about it now. 

Many anti-gun activists have taken to social media to express their disapproval. Some even went to say that Kate and Prince William are negligent parents. 

"I understand why gunplay worries parents," says parenting expert and author of 'The Gentle Discipline Book,' Sarah Ockwell-Smith. "However, research shows that any aggression demonstrated while engaging in 'war play' is not carried over into real life. ie: kids who play with guns become no more violent than those who don't.'"

Apparently, Prince George was playing with a large rainbow-colored slinky, but very few reported that. He also was seen chasing his precious 3-year-old sister, Princess Charlotte, around on the grass.

6 Things You Didn't Know About Prince George. Watch The Video Below:

What are your thoughts about Prince George playing with a toy gun? Let us know your thoughts! We'd love to hear about them! In other news, Prince Charlotte takes a potentially life-threatening fall

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