JUST IN: Plane On Fire BEFORE Crashing Into SoCal Home; AND Pilot Carried Phony Police Credentials; Identity Unknown

February 05, 2019

Two shocking developments in a distressing story that broke on Super Bowl Sunday and police are scrambling for answers to newly arising questions. After receiving film of the twin-engine Cessna 414A's ill-fated flight that ended when it hit a Yorba Linda home, police have now revealed that the plane was already fully engulfed in flames before it crashed. Video footage has emerged showing the final few moments of the doomed flight.

The small plane had taken off from nearby Fullerton Airport at 1:45 Sunday, just moments before the crash. Five people were killed in the catastrophe, including the pilot and four people in the home. Identities of the dead have not yet been confirmed.

This startling information came to light when a member of the public came forward with dash cam video showing the small aircraft moments before it plummeted to the ground. It is clearly ablaze as it makes its final descent.

Fox News reports, “In dashcam video released Monday, the plane is seen already on fire as it falls from the sky towards the residential area. A trail of dark smoke and flames is visible before the aircraft crashes into the house.”

Initially, police released the name of the pilot, based on papers that were discovered on the airplane.

“The pilot, retired Chicago police officer Antonio Pastini, 75, of Gardnerville, Nevada, was the only person aboard.

“Authorities were trying to identify the people who died in the house, describing them only as two males and two females.

“Orange County Sheriff's Lt. Cory Martino said DNA may be required due to the condition of the bodies.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, however, the story took a dramatic turn. Multiple outlets were reporting that the credentials identifying the pilot as a retired police officer were fake. Authorities have given no explanation as to why the pilot carried false i.d. but you can be sure that it will be a huge part of the investigation.



Clean-up of the debris took most of Monday, as investigators found pieces of the plane up to four blocks away.

Maja Smith, an investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, said, "The witnesses I've spoken with say that they saw the airplane coming out of the clouds — it was still in one piece — and then they saw the tail breaking off and then the wing breaking off and then something like smoke before the airplane impacted the ground,"

“NTSB investigator Eliott Simpson said the main cabin of the airplane and one engine were found at the bottom of a ravine in the backyard of a house, and the other engine made a hole in the street.

“The property where the fuselage ended up is about three houses down from a home that caught fire.”

According to Smith, the wreckage will be transported to Phoenix, Arizona where a more thorough forensic examination can take place.

An investigation is well underway to determine the reason for the Super Bowl Sunday disaster. They are looking at the plane’s “maintenance record, the structural integrity of the aircraft and the pilot's record.”

Check back for updates on this breaking story.

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