Plane Drops $368 Million of Gold When Cargo Door Breaks Open During Takeoff

March 15, 2018

An airplane lost some rather expensive cargo when a cargo door broke open during takeoff.


The cargo plane was taking off from an airport in the Siberian city of Yakutsk when turbulence caused the cargo door to rip open.


The aircraft was carrying ten tons of gold, platinum, and diamonds, all valued at $368 million. A large portion of the pricy cargo flew out the opening of the broken door.




In the sub-zero temperatures of northeastern Russia, you would expect the precipitation to be snow. But not this time.


The aircraft landed immediately at a nearby airport only 7 miles away. Quite understandably, Russian police and secret service shut down the airport immediately as locals scrambled to search below the short flight path of the unintentionally generous aircraft.


If anyone manages to find the lost precious metals, talk about a silver lining to this mishap!


How come this kind of stuff never happens around where I live?


In other icy news, a scientist’s video has gone viral, find out why in the next article below!

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