Police Arrest Bad Dog for Chasing Deer

April 16, 2018

Reid Thompson and his girlfriend were walking on a trail with their dog, Finn, in Kenora, Ontario, when they let him off his leash.


Instead of staying close to his owners, Finn caught the scent of something much more exciting and took off. Despite their best efforts, Finn ignored their calls and ran deep into the forest.


A half hour later, they received a call from the Ontario Provincial Police saying they had their dog and he was in trouble.



“I was informed that Finn had been causing some chaos as he chased a deer along the road, though the hospital grounds and back onto the road,” said Thompson.


“They tangled for a bit, up and over a guardrail and down onto the ice. Eventually, the deer got away and Finn gave up the chase.”


The police told Thompson that Finn had been “detained” and when he arrived to pick the dog up he was lectured about keeping his dog on a leash.


Thompson’s daughter snapped a picture of a guilty looking Finn in the back seat of the police car and shared it on Twitter. As of today, the post has over 590,000 likes.








Other Twitter users chimed in and shared their thoughts on Finn’s exploits.












What’s your verdict on Finn? Guilty or innocent?


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