Police Make Terminally Ill Boy’s Dream Come True

November 15, 2017

Last week, a woman entered the Chelsea Police Department in Massachusetts and had an unusual request. “I need a special favor,” she asked.

Her two-year-old son, Edison Cordero, had terminal cancer and had always wanted to meet a real police officer. “She was very shy about it,” said Officer Aristides Rodriguez. “She told me Edison had terminal cancer and if at least one person could go by and see him. I’ve never had someone ask me that before.”

Doctors found a brain tumor in Edison earlier this year and told his parents that their son only had five months to live. The family moved up from Orlando, Florida to Chelsea so that Edison could be treated at the Boston Children’s Hospital. He will turn three on Christmas Eve.

Edison’s favorite thing in life is the police, especially the police cars and sirens. His mother wanted to give him the special experience of seeing one up close.

“He was in the hospital for five months,” she said. “I thought when I take him out, what should I do to make him happy? He can’t go out much. It occurred to me to pay a visit to the police department. They’re all fathers, sons, and brothers.”

After her visit, word spread quickly around the department about Edison and his love of the police. That’s when the entire day shift of eight officers decided to get together and visit Edison.

After lunch, seven police cars pulled up in front of his house. Neighbors peered out their windows nervously as all seven lined up down the street with their lights flashing. “I don’t think she expected the whole shift to come down,” said Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes.

“We brought teddy bears, coloring books, whatever we could find around the station, anything that said ‘police’ on it,” said Rodriguez. “I gave him one of the patches that goes on our uniform. He was absolutely floored. It was like going to Disneyland for the first time.”

Edison saw the presents but really wanted to explore all the police cruisers. Sounding the siren and honking the horn was his favorite part of being inside the police car. He even got to make a call to police dispatch.

“It was something beautiful they did for us,” said Frank Cordaro, Edison’s dad. “I really appreciate them for taking the time. I will be thankful for the rest of my life.”