Police Officer Saves Elderly Man From Vicious Dog Attack

February 06, 2018

Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Joseph Glascox was out on a traffic stop out away from town when he heard over the police scanner that a senior man was being mauled by a dog.

The officer quickly got into his vehicle and headed straight to the man's home. Roy Warner is a 72-year-old who lives on Route 18 and said that he and his wife just returned home from a birthday dinner.


Warner said that when they went inside for the night, he realized he forgot something in his car. He went back outside when suddenly a dog appeared.


A large, male Boxer leaped towards Warner, viciously attacking him for what he believed to be about 15 minutes. Thankfully, Trooper Glascox arrived on scene just in time.

“We are very rarely at that time of night in that area of the county because it’s close to shift change, us as well as the Sheriff’s (Office),” Glascox explained.


"As I was approaching the structure, Mr. Warner was laying on his left side just inside the threshold of the front door, mostly out on the porch. The canine was literally right on top of him,” Glascox recalled.


The only way to get the Boxer off of Warner was to shoot the dog. For a safe shot, Glasox told Mrs. Warner to move away from the house.


“I was trying to get Mr. Warner's wife, Mrs. Warner, to step away from the house so I could take the shot. That was the only shot I had, and it was directly across from Mr. Warner," Glascox said.


Officer Glascox finally had the opportunity to shoot the dog. The first shot didn't stop the dog, however, the Boxer released itself from Warner but quickly turned towards Glascox. The officer took two more shots which ended up killing the dog.


Warner was quickly taken to Metro Health Medical Center via helicopter. He was hospitalized for 21 days with severe wounds to his face, arms, and hands, and underwent 10 surgeries. After Warner was discharged from the hospital, he received intensive rehabilitation.

“He didn’t just rescue me. He saved my life,” Warner said.

Sadly, the dog was actually Warner's granddaughter's dog. Warner's house is split into two living quarters, and the dog was being protective of his property and didn't realize it was Warner.

Thankfully, Warner is alive today. As for Trooper Glascox, he is being honored this month for his heroic act and life-saving actions.


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