Police Officer Saves His K-9 Partner From Vicious Dog Attack

January 19, 2018

One afternoon, an off-duty NYPD police officer and his K-9 partner were running errands in Hempstead when they spotted a pit bull who was off-leash. The officer, John O'Connor, could predict what was about to happen.

O'Connor and his K-9 officer, Wyatt, who was named after the well-known gunslinger Wyatt Earp, were approaching the corner of two streets when they noticed a woman walking her large pit bull off-leash about 70 yards away. Regardless of the breed, walking a dog off-leash could be a recipe for disaster.


During what felt like a brief moment, O'Connor kept watch of the pit bull. Once the dog "made eye contact" with Wyatt, the situation took a terrible turn.

Wyatt, an explosive-detection canine, and O'Connor have been partners for four years. So, when O'Connor saw the pit bull's eyes, he knew he would do whatever it took to save his partner.

“I could tell that that dog was not coming over to play,” O’Connor said.


As O'Connor began to pull Wyatt closer to his body, the pit bull bolted towards them. Once the dog was just feet away, O'Connor used his body as a shield and began to kick the dog "six or seven times." Then the pit bull caught a piece of Wyatt's neck.

“I just kept kicking, and it just kept getting closer and closer,” O’Connor recalled. “I told the owner she needed to grab her dog, but she wasn’t showing any urgency.”


Finally, when the dog's owner arrived, O'Connor began identifying himself and insisted that she stay for further discussion. The woman simply picked up the dog, who she called, Apollo, and walked away.

Just after the attack, Wyatt was taken to a veterinary hospital. O'Connor said that Wyatt had suffered abrasions to the left side of his neck. Wyatt has since recovered and is now back at work.


The Hempstead Village police have investigated the event but no arrests have been made. What do you think about this story? Do you think the woman should have been fined? Let us know on our Facebook page! In other news, a young girl and her German Shepherd were playing in the backyard when they stumbled upon a deadly snake. Check out the full story here!


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