Terrifying Video Shows Police Officers Rescuing Abandoned Dog From Apartment Fire

January 24, 2018

On January 7, an apartment complex went up in flames in Fulton County in Atlanta, Georgia. To everyone's surprise, there was a dog trapped, suffocating from the dense smoke.

Robert Winkler, an officer with Atlanta Police Department, was there and trekked his way up towards the fire. When he arrived at the steps of the apartments, he noticed a dog laying on his side — not moving.

In the body cam video below, you will notice Officer Winkler tap the dog's side to get his attention. It's hard to tell if the dog responded, but nonetheless, the officer grabbed his collar and began dragging him away from the smoke-filled apartments.


Officer Austin Denninger was nearby and picked up the dog and quickly rushed him away from the fire towards Animal Cruelty Liaison Senior Police Officer, Amy Soeldner. She grabbed her coat and wrapped the poor pup until emergency responders arrived on scene. EMT Jesse Johnson raced to the dog's aid and provided an oxygen mask.

After the dog was resuscitated, he was taken to the county's veterinary hospital. He is now healthy and up for adoption at Fulton County Animal Services. They decided to name the dog, "Smokey."

Check out the rescue video below!



“We are so incredibly proud of the compassion and love our officers showed for this animal. Thank you,” the department posted on Facebook. “We also thank the firefighters with Atlanta Fire Rescue and Grady’s emergency responders for helping save Smokey.”

If you are interested in adopting this dog, you can check him out here. What do you think about this rescue? Do you think these officers are heroes? Let us know on our Facebook page!


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