Video: Body Cam Shows Heart-Stopping Moment Police Save 2-Month-Old Baby From Choking

March 22, 2018

Ohio policemen Ryan Sidders and Alex Oklander approached what they believed to be a disabled car in Shaker Heights, Ohio when they noticed that the driver appeared to be distressed.


The driver, Tamika Pruitte, had a 2-month-old baby in the backseat of her car that was choking on milk.





Sidders and Oklander approach the vehicle and Oklander takes the baby out of her car seat.
“She’s choking,” says Sidders to his partner.


Oklander then turns the baby over and starts to pat her gently on the back. This frees up her airway and she coughs up the milk.


“I can hear air moving,” says Sidders. “Okay, she’s breathing.”


Once they determine the baby is okay, they hand her back to her mother.


Pruitte was running errands with her daughter, Tyra, when she looked back to check on little Tyra.


“I always check back there on her because she’s a preemie,” said Pruitte. A birth defect can sometimes cause her to have trouble swallowing her milk.


When she stopped her car in the middle of the road, the officers, who just so happened to be driving behind her, immediately rushed in to help.




Once medics arrived on scene and determined that Tyra was okay, Sidders and Oklander went about their day.


This was the first time that these officers attended to a choking baby on the job before. Oklander was just hired this January and has only been on active duty for three months. Sidders is a four-year vet on the department and was a volunteer medic for five years before that.



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