Policeman Saves Couple From Burning House, Goes Back in to Save Dog

April 04, 2018

Buena Vista, Virginia policeman Jacob Moore was at the police station one morning and heard an alert that a house was on fire. Then he heard the address of the burning house. It was on the street that he lived on.


He immediately rushed to his squad car to drive over. He knew the owners of the house as they lived only four houses down from his own. They were a retired couple who lived with their beloved dog, Zoey.



When he went in the front door, he saw the wife, Lovie Atkinson, standing in the kitchen as the house filled up with smoke.


“She didn’t know what was truly going on,” said Moore. “She was standing there screaming for her dog. She didn’t want to leave her dog. She was screaming, Zoey! Zoey! Zoey!”


Atkinson was also concerned for her husband, Thomas, who was asleep downstairs. Moore, was able to get her out to safety and told her he’d go back inside to get her husband and dog.


After waking her husband and leading him to safety, Moore went in one more time to look for the dog.


“The smoke was so heavy you couldn’t see. You had to get down real low,” he said.



He soon found the dog, tucked her under his arm, and took her outside and into Lovie’s arms.


“Her dog is pretty much her world. It’s her pride and joy,” he said.


Moore’s body camera captured the full efforts of his heroics on film.



“It’s just me wanting to save anyone I could. It felt great to be able to do my job to its fullest,” said Moore. “Especially that close to home.”


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