WATCH: Man Caught On Camera Putting 'Very Special 'Delivery In WRONG Mailbox. Oops!

January 18, 2019


In this day and age of loosening marijuana laws, you might not think this is such a big deal. Nevertheless, thanks to what appeared to be an innocent mistake, a Boston man is being sought by police for his drug crime.

It all started on Wednesday afternoon when a Massachusetts woman found something in her mailbox that she DEFINITELY had NOT ordered. There, nestled between her bills and junk mail was a small plastic bag containing a strange leafy substance.

Upon further inspection, the Woburn resident determined that she was holding several grams of marijuana in her hand!

“Laurel Brown Collins told Boston 25 she doesn’t know the first thing about pot – she doesn’t smoke it and doesn’t have any in her house – so she was shocked when she found 18 grams of the drug in between her bills on Wednesday.”

Her main concern was for her autistic son who she says would most certainly have tried to ingest it if he had been the one to find it.

Andrew would not have known what it was and it could have caused him harm.”

Collins immediately notified police who at actively searching for the man whom the homeowner says she’s never seen before.

But, whoever he is, he has a BIG surprise in store. There’s something important that he did not know…It was ALL captured on video!

“A surveillance camera caught the ‘delivery man’ dropping the stash in the mailbox, which investigators believe was destined for another house in the Woburn neighborhood.

“The camera got a pretty good look at who dropped the bag off; someone in a black jacket and hat.”

“The Woburn Police Chief tells Boston 25 News they don't have a lead on who the man in the video is, but they hope that by getting the video out there could result in tips.”

Authorities are treating the incident as a case of “illegal distribution.”

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