Shots Fired: Pregnant Woman Kills Intruder But Faces Serious Charges

August 31, 2018

A pregnant woman shot and killed an intruder who attacked her inside her Arkansas home is now facing charges, even though the police ruled the shooting as justified.

On December 7, 21-year-old Krissy Noble shot and killed Dylan Stancoff who barged into her home and began attacking her, according to the Sebastian County Prosecutor’s Office. At the time of the attack, Nobel was 11 weeks pregnant, according to ABC News

During the interview with police, Noble explained the entire situation. She returned home from doing community service at the local courthouse when the attack happened.

Back on February 1, 2017, Noble pled guilty for marijuana possession with the purpose to deliver and drug paraphernalia possession. She was given a five-year suspended sentence that included she could “not possess or use any firearms.”

When she arrived home on December 7, she noticed a grey car parked in a ditch near her apartment. When she was inside her home, she heard a knock at the door and became “a little nervous” due to previous break-in attempts and her husband, Brendon Tran, was not home yet. She decided to go into a bedroom to retrieve one of her husband’s guns and place it in the living room.

Noble said that Stancoff seemed like a “nice man” and she settled down after she found out he knew her husband. She assumed they were in the same unit of the military. Noble told Stancoff that her husband wasn’t home but he could come back at 5 p.m.

After the man left, Noble looked him up on Facebook, but couldn’t find him. She called her husband about Stancoff, but he didn’t know anyone by the name of Cameron White, according to police reports.

While Noble was still on the phone with her husband, she heard a vehicle pull up near her apartment. Her husband told her that he would call her right back after he was going to have a neighbor come over.

Stancoff came back and started knocking on the door again, and Noble answered it. When she did, Stancoff barged in and shoved her back inside with his hand over her mouth. Once inside, he began attacking her. Noble said that he even punched her stomach a few times.

Once she broke free from Stancoff, she grabbed the pistol from the coffee table and shot the intruder three times. She fled to her neighbors home to call 9-1-1.

She told police that “she feared not only for her safety but for the safety of her baby, and felt that she had no other option in this situation,” according to a statement.

Noble, who now has a 2-week old baby boy, is charged with felony gun possession by a convicted felon and for allegedly possessing a firearm between November 7 and December 7. On Tuesday, a warrant was filed for her arrest.

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