Pregnant Woman Tricks Boss With Water Breaking Prank

February 15, 2018

When a soon-to-be mother's water breaks, it isn't a laughing matter, unless you pour water on the ground at an orthodontics office and prank the doctor.


It's natural for anyone who witnesses a woman's water break to freak out a little. It's not a typical, day-to-day thing to witness.


So, when a pregnant woman, Catrina, and her coworkers decided to prank their boss, they knew they had to get it on camera. The crew at Comella Orthodontics in Rochester, New York, had it all planned out.


Several women were seen in the video just waiting for the prank to happen. One woman was holding a cup of water next to very pregnant Catrina, while another was holding the camera ensuring everything was caught on camera.


The doctor being pranked, Dr. Comella, had his back to Catrina and two other women when the prank went down. Once the camera was rolling, the woman with the cup got the green light.


She dropped the water to the ground next to Catrina and yelled, "Oh no, her water!" The loud splash prompted Dr. Comella to bolt from the scene. With his hands over his head, he finally turned around still unsure of what to do.

The other women die laughing. They couldn't keep it going, but nonetheless, the doctor's reaction was priceless.

"Are you okay?" the doctor asked. "Are you serious? That's not even funny."


Oh yes, it was, doctor. It was really funny!


One lady hollers out, "Did you see him run?"


Check out the full video below!


An innocent prank in an office is sometimes needed. It keeps the comradery among the staff and a joy to come to work. Many people dread going to work, but from this video, I can probably safely say that everyone there enjoys their office environment.

What do you think? Do you think this was a funny prank? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page! In other news, a husband finds out his wife is pregnant after he got a vasectomy. You'll have to watch this video to see how everything unfolds!

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