President Trump Donates His First Quarter Salary to The VA; People Are Still Not Pleased

May 18, 2018

While no one has to agree on everything, most of us should agree that when President Donald Trump just donated his first quarter's salary to the Department of Veterans Affairs, we all should be pleased.

On Thursday, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the nation that the president just handed over a check to the VA Secretary, Robert Wilkie.


"The president’s gift underscores his promise to do all that he can for veterans, which includes supporting those who care for our veterans," said Wilkie. "Not just those of us at VA, but the husbands, the wives, the families, and the community caregivers who are out there, day in and day out, making life easier for those who have borne the battle."


His donation is going towards caregiver support programs such as peer support, education, mental health, financial aid, and training.

Over the course of three months, Trump has donated his $100,000 quarterly salary to several different government agencies. The most recent was last quarter to the Department of Transportation for infrastructure plans, according to "Politico."


During his year and a half time as president, Trump has donated his salary to the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Park Service.


“Congrats to the House for passing the VA Mission Act yesterday,” the president tweeted on Thursday. “Without this funding, our veterans will be forced to stand in never-ending lines in order to receive care. Putting politics over our veterans care is UNACCEPTABLE.”


What do you think about President Donald Trump's donation? Let us know! In other news, the Royal family just made a major mistake - “It has blown up in their faces.”

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