President Trump Makes Bold Move in The White House After One Woman's Extreme Actions

August 08, 2018

One congressman and his wife have started an extreme movement within the White House. To their surprise, it really has taken off and has gained national momentum.

It all started with Tracy Bost, who is the wife of Rep. Mike Bost (R-IL). She first set up a P.O. box for anyone in her district to write prayers for President Donald Trump.


Following several days after the new plan, she went to the mailbox, but great fear grew over her as she placed the key inside the box. Tracy was worried that it would be empty and there would be no prayers for the president or his administration.

To her surprise, hundreds of cards poured out of the mailbox.

"That was really a blessing to me, and then I knew that God was doing something bigger than I ever imagined," Tracy told CBN News.

How It All Began

The idea came about when Tracy and Mike began to witness an increasing amount of hatred and violence while at the 2017 GOP retreat in Philadelphia.

"There was so much protest going on and so much anger and just pure ugliness," Tracy remembered.

"I just kept praying, 'God what can I do? What can I do?'" Tracy said.

"The prayer card came to mind. That we could just have people in my life, friends and family members, send a little prayer of encouragement to the president," she said.


Tracy's goal was to help the new commander-in-chief and find a way to help encourage him during his transition.

So, Tracy went to work on her new plan with the help of her husband. The set a goal of 100 prayers and asked people to submit them on a 3x5 notecard and place them in the mailbox.

Six weeks later and the Bosh's had received over 300 prayer cards for President Trump. Mike went to the White House and spoke with one of Trump's liaisons. Mike asked that he could deliver these cards to the president.

"I handed them to him and said look, we don't want any [thing], just give them to him okay?" Mike explained.

Trump And The Prayer Cards

A couple months went by until one day Mike and a few other congressmen were meeting in the Oval Office for a bill signing with President Trump. During the meeting, Trump approached Mike about the prayer cards.

"The president looks at me and goes, 'Bost. Bost.' He said, 'prayer cards!' and I said, 'yeah, Mr. President. My wife did that and circulated prayer cards,'" recalled Mike.

"'And he said, 'We use those.' And I said, 'Good I'm so glad, that's wonderful,'" Mike said.


President Trump asked an aide to grab the bag of prayer cards he keeps on the shelf. Trump wanted a picture, but he had one more thing to tell Mike:

"He said, 'Understand, we use these,' and I turned, and when I turned I ran, honest to goodness, chest-to-chest with the Vice President. He goes, 'Mike he's not joking, we use these,'" explained Mike. "'They'll be times we say okay, and we reach out and we grab them. It's amazing that people are willing to put these together.'"

When Tracy found out from Mike that the Commander In Chief uses these cards, she broke down crying. She was elated.

"I cried and I still get emotional about it," Tracy said. "I'm thankful that every day he gets to put his hand in that bag and I know the right card for that day is the one he puts in his hand."

Student Involvement

A classroom held by teacher Andrea Deming has decided to chip in on the prayer cards as well, but some students have told her that they didn't like the president. Her response is amazing:

"I encouraged them to just say positive things; if you had a specific prayer for him or a specific scripture that you would like to say that's positive," said Deming. "We strongly encouraged them to keep it positive and they all did. There were none that were rude or anything in that matter."

"To know that the Word of God is being spoken, it's being taught, it's being reflected on, it's being meditated on in the White House – it's just a huge encouragement to know that God is working and God is moving in the White House," Cassandra Ortiz, who helps collect the prayer cards through Frontline Family Ministries, told CBN News.

Tracy and Mike deliver about a hundred prayer cards each month to the White House and even collect them from all over the nation. If you'd like to join the prayer movement, click here for their website.

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