Deceased Secret Service Agent Name Released; President Trump's Secret Service Agent Dies While Protecting Him

July 18, 2018

News has just come in about a member of President Donald Trump's secret service. One of his agents has passed away from a severe stroke. He served for 19 years and was in Europe last week protecting the president and the First Lady from attacks and protestors, according to "The Daily Caller."

The U.S. Secret Service agent “suffered a cerebrovascular accident in Scotland, U.K. where he was travelling in support of Presidential Protection,” the official statement read on Monday.

According to the U.S. Secret Service Twitter page, the secret service agent's name was Nole E. Remagen.

The statement read that Remagen was receiving "much needed critical care" while in Scotland.

“The Secret Service asks for your prayers and continued respect for the agent and his family’s privacy," the statement read. “We are incredibly grateful for the emergency medical service providers and physicians in Scotland who are providing much needed critical care.”

On Saturday, July 15, the agent fell ill during Trump's visit to Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire. On Tuesday, U.S. officials confirmed the agent's death at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. Remagen was surrounded by loved ones when he passed away, according to reports.

President Trump and the Secret Service thanked the medical team and police in Scotland, as well as White House medics for their "exceptional care" he received.

The Secret Service described Remagen as a "dedicated professional of the highest order."

Will you join us in praying for the agent's family and all who provided medical attention?

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