Prince Charles and Camilla Rekindle Their Relationship All Because of One, Secret Woman; Not Many People Know About This Mysterious Detail

June 14, 2018

Growing up in the spotlight as a kid would be difficult for any child. But when your mother passes away and you are at the center of attention, it would be even more challenging, to say the least. 

Prince William and Prince Harry had a difficult childhood. At an early age, William knew his parents were raging and in a destructive hole. 

Prior to their wedding day, Diana knew that her groom had an ex-girlfriend and kept her close as a friend even after the two broke up. As Diana walked down the aisle on her wedding day, she scoured the crowd and quickly found Camilla watching tearfully. 

Still early into their marriage, Diana seemed to have stumbled upon a gold bracelet with the initials GF on it. She quickly assumed it was for her, but little did she know it was for someone else. 

Diana assumed the initials meant Gladys and Fred, but it meant something entirely different. The bracelet was for his ex-girlfriend, Camilla, and the initials stood for Girl Friday, which was a nickname he had for her, according to reports.

Prince Charles purchased several pieces of jewelry for his dear friends; Camilla was included which devastated Diana. He was thanking them for keeping an eye on him during his bachelor years.

Diana wanted Charles to sever his ties to Camilla immediately, in which he did, but Diana's suspicious still began to grow over the years. She knew her husband was sneaking around with his old flame. 

During their raging arguments, Charles fell into a devasting depression which prompted several of his friends to be concerned for his health. Many believed he would self-destruct if something wasn't done quickly.

Then another woman reveals herself. A mutual friend encouraged the unthinkable. 

Patti Palmer-Tomkinson encouraged Charles and Camilla, whose marriage fell to pieces after her husband's infidelities, to get back in touch and talk things through. It's not clear if Patti's intentions were for Charles and Camilla to have an affair or if was to truly restore his spirits. 

Many are wondering if it wasn't for Patti, Charles would be with Diana or he still would have rekindled his relationship with Camilla. What do you think? Let us know!

In other news, Prince William found out his father's secret he had kept from Princess Diana leaving William and Harry in tears.

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