Prince Charles May Have Crossed a Line in His Speech When Trying to Embarrass Prince Harry; Some People Are Shocked

May 22, 2018

What a dazzling event the Royal wedding was. On Saturday, May 19, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finally tied the knot as the world watched and cheered. With nearly 29 million people tuned in, people couldn't stop smiling for the newlyweds.



The evening reception was hosted by Prince Charles at Frogmore House where guests attended and listened to several emotional speeches. This included Meghan's emotional speech, as well as Prince William's.


Prince William even planned a prank that had people in stitches. William tied a ladder to the newlywed's car that evening poking fun at Harry's recent spill when changing a light bulb for Meghan.



“Apparently Harry fell off a ladder recently while changing a light bulb for Meghan and hurt his arm," a source tells "Express." "So Wills tied a ladder to the back of the car, which nearly floored a few people.”


Later in the big brother's speech, he paid a tearful tribute to their mother, Princess Diana. People grew emotional once William began talking about her.



Then it was Prince Charles' turn. Some believe that Charles' speech was a little odd and was uncalled for, while others believed it to be funny and the perfect kind of humor needed for the groom.



"Charles spoke about feeding Harry a bottle and changing his nappy, and then said, 'Look how well he turned out,'" a guest at the reception said. "That's about as embarrassing as it got."


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