Prince George and Princess Charlotte Will Never Be Caught Doing This With Their Parents While American's Do This Every Day

June 06, 2018

Prince William and Kate Middleton have some strict rules in the royal household. There are some generous perks when being a royal, but there are very strict laws everyone must abide by.  

While we do expect that Prince George and Princess Charlotte must adhere to basic guidelines such as cleaning their rooms, and using good manners, there is another rule revealed that has everyone surprised.

It does appear that the young royals have been taught very well by their parents and are extremely well-behaved. Plus, George and Charlotte often melt the hearts of the public with their precious smiles and cute hand waves.

Royals have a certain way of life, and that includes multiple rules the family members must follow, even toddlers. Recently, a shocking rule has surfaced leaving many people stunned with the news.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are not allowed to sit with their parents during formal dinners. This even includes any adult; the two are not allowed to sit down to eat with any adult.

The precious, tiny royals won't be able to sit with mom and dad until they understand "the art of polite conversation," one report shared. Until they understand that concept, they will be sitting at another table separate from their parents.

In cases of formal royal dinners, the children either won't attend, or they will be placed at another table. According to a former royal chef, Darren McGrady, the children will eat at the nursery, even during Christmas dinners.

"Until they were old enough to conduct themselves properly at the dining table" they won't be sitting with the adults, according to McGrady.

Camilla Waves a Knife at Prince Charles. Watch the Video Below:

What do you think about this rule? Let us know! We'd love to hear your thoughts! In other news, Prince Charles completely defies the Queen’s orders leaving him in hot water. This is gut-wrenching.

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