Prince George Did Something That Caught Everyone's Attention and Now People Can't Unsee It; Did You Spot It?

May 21, 2018

All eyes were on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry last Saturday, and rightfully so, they were the bride and groom after all. But many other people noticed another special person among the bridal party.



Princess Charlotte and Prince George have been known to be showstoppers, and yet they pulled it off again. Prior to the wedding, their most recent was when Prince Louis was born. Princess Charlotte stole everyone's hearts with her precious smile and her polite wave to the crowd.



Princess Charlotte and Prince George were among Meghan's bridal party as a bridesmaid and as a page boy.


It was Prince George that stole the show this weekend. While Princess Charlotte was adorable as can be, it's nothing new. But for George, he did something that he has never done before.



People can't unsee this now as George is captured in hundreds of photos. Were you able to spot it?


Many reports are saying that the media has pointed out how grown up Prince George looks. Yes, he looked very grown up, but why at this particular event did he look so grown up?

He was wearing full-length trousers. If you look back in older pictures you will see a pattern. He has never been seen wearing pants.

This long-held tradition was broken when Meghan had the male children wear pants, whereas historically they were to be wearing short pants. The tradition states that "shorts are for little boys, trousers are for men."


“While George may have ditched his shorts temporarily, an etiquette expert revealed why we are unlikely to see him in trousers again anytime soon. William Hanson explained that trousers are considered too ‘middle class and suburban’ for the elite," according to "The Sun."


What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section! In other news, after their big day, Prince Harry revealed a hilarious confession after he said, “I do.”

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