Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Whisper An Intimate Question to One Another After Saying 'I Do;' People Are Blushing

May 22, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are finally husband and wife, or now called, Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The long-awaited event has come and gone, but still, people can't stop talking about it.

The spectacular event was watched by 29 million people all across the globe. Even though the newlyweds have gone through a lot in the last few months, Harry and Meghan appear to be very much in love and excited to start another chapter together as husband and wife.


After the couple said their vows to one another, they opened the doors to a St. George's Chapel. There was a slew of people who were cheering and applauding as the groom and bride stood on the steps.

While the moment grew to uncertainty, Meghan turned to her groom and asked a very intimate question. Unsure if she should continue to walk down the steps or stay put, she asked Harry what they should do next.


An expert lip-read, Tina Lannin, told "New Idea" exactly what the couple was saying to one another.


"Do we kiss?" Meghan whispered to Harry.


"Yeah," Harry quietly replied.

It was the long-awaited first kiss the couple had shared as husband and wife, and the world was going crazy. Many people were hollering, "Congratulations," while a former Marine yelled, "Don't be shy" as he was hinting they kiss for a second time.


The former solder, Paul Vice, has met Harry several times and believes the squaddie humor was called for. Once Harry heard his fellow soldiers comment, he smirked at him.

"As soldiers, we’ll always give him a little bit of flack, especially now he’s under the ball and chain," Vice jokes. "He’s a good lad, he looks very happy"


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