Prince Harry Just Humiliates and Scolds Camilla in Front of Everyone; 'The Gloves Came Off'

May 29, 2018

It might a surprise to some that Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles were doing everything they could to not have Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle.

Reportedly, Meghan went toe-to-toe with Camilla in an unexpected showdown just a few days before the wedding. Meghan allegedly told Harry to "shun her," according to "New Idea."

While this is no surprise to anyone inside the royal palace, but to many outsiders, this was shocking news. The reason being is that the two seem very friendly with one another in public settings.

"Palace insiders knew this was coming," a royal insider said. "Meghan has smiled and turned the other cheek as Charles and Camilla desperately tried to break her and Harry up and stop the wedding."

The insider claims that the Duchess of Cornwall began a campaign to distort Meghan's name and reputation before the royal wedding.

After the couple successfully got married, even without the approval of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, the couple attended Charles' upcoming birthday event. The charity event was their first royal engagement as a married couple.

"I'm told the gloves came off in minutes!" after the newlyweds met up with Charles and Camilla, the insider revealed.

"Camilla demanded Meghan stay in the background at the event and not take the spotlight off Charles," the insider adds. "You've got to learn your place here!"

This shocking confrontation caused Harry to "snap." Harry reportedly put Camilla in her place after Camilla's comments.

"The palace buzz is that he lashed out at Camilla, yelling at her to leave Meghan alone!" the royal source said.

Meghan is Harry's world now, and he will do whatever it takes to protect his bride, even if it's telling off his step-mother.

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Camilla Waves a Knife at Prince Charles. Check Out The Video Below:

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