Prince Harry Sends Polo Ball Flying Into Crowd; He Nearly Took Someone's Head Off

July 27, 2018

On Thursday, July 26, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were attending a royal-public charity event. The charity is near and dear to Harry's heart as he has been involved with the special project since 2006.

Sentebale foundation is spreading awareness for children struggling with HIV in Southern Africa. Harry's polo team is called Sentebal St. Regis, which is captained by his friend Nacho Figueras. Figueras is known as a polo star in the U.K.

During Sentebal St. Regis' game against the Royal Salute team, Prince Harry performed a fantastic move but it resulted in a very dangerous outcome.

With the ball nearly in their goal, Harry smashed the ball away which flew into a crowd of photographers. The ball whizzed by at shoulder height and narrowly missed a few heads. It ended up crashing into a fence that divided the press and the VIP section. A security guard was apparently next to the gate, and he nearly jumped out of his skin.

The 33-year-old Duke recognized one of the photographers, Tim Rooke, and hollered out, "Sorry, Rookie! I was trying to give you a good shot!"

“It was not on purpose,” Figueras told "PEOPLE." “He was trying to defend the goal because of my mistake probably, and he antes to see if you guys were paying attention.”

Meghan later greeted her husband after their win. She was seen in a beautiful, denim-style dress. As the event continued, Harry seemed like he couldn't take his eyes off his wife.