Prince Louis Photo Mystery Leaves The World Wondering How William And Kate Could Do Such A Thing

November 26, 2018

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed little Louis into the fold, we have been waiting with bated breath for the first photos of all three kids together. Well, we got a bit closer to that reality when the Palace released the adorable photos of new Prince, Louis Arthur Charles.

Still, we have to wonder why William and Kate chose to exclude their firstborn son in the portraits! And, I have to admit that I am disappointed that Prince George was noticeably absent from the photos!! In fact, that was my first thought. Where's little George?

But, nevertheless, we will have to make do with whatever we get, and what we got is wonderful! Not only did we get a good look at what the brand new Royal looks like, but we were treated to a bonus! In a couple of the snaps, taken by mother Kate, we got a glimpse into the sibling dynamics of at least two of the kids.

Paying homage to the Princess’ own newborn poses three years ago, the Duchess of Cambridge started a family tradition: she beautifully captured a sweet moment when proud, doting, and protective big sister, Princess Charlotte tenderly kisses her little brother on the forehead.

What did we learn in these captivating images? Well, for one thing, we discovered that the newest Prince has dark hair like his sister and mother, rather than the blond locks of big brother George and dad William. It remains to be seen whether or not the color remains, as we know that newborn hair color often changes as a baby grows and does not always indicate the final color.

Second, we learned just how frugal mum Kate is. The outfits both royals wore in the photo shoot were hand-me-downs. And why not? When the clothes are delightfully appropriate and hardly look worn at all, it comes off as a precious tribute to the closeness of the siblings.

The blue sweater Charlotte wears in the photo was worn by George in his great-grandmother’s 90th birthday photo shoot.

In the photo, below, little George appears with numerous cousins: Lady Louise of Windsor (daughter of Prince Edward); James, Viscount Severn (son of Prince Edward); Isla Philips, Savannah Phillips, and Mia Tindall (granddaughters of Princess Anne), and of course Prince George and Princess Charlotte (children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)

And let’s not forget the little white jumper that the littlest Prince is wearing. It is the very same one worn by Charlotte in her official newborn photos in 2015.

And although we are just a tiny bit disappointed that Prince George is not included in these precious shots, we are grateful that we get to see these so soon after the royal birth.

They were taken on May 2nd, Princess Charlotte’s third birthday and released to the public on May 5th.

We now wait eagerly for the one we’ve really been longing for: all five members of the Cambridge family together. And although experts aren't predicting when long-awaited photo shoot will occur, we can expect to see it in due time, as we can surely rely on the fact that the Royal family never leaves us hanging for too long.

We have no doubt that, once the Duchess of Cambridge gets used to the demands of her job after returning from her maternity leave, the five will appear on our newsfeed, smiling and happy for all the world to see. And we can hardly wait!!

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