Prince Philip Might Miss One Of The Biggest Royal Events Of The Year And The Reason Is All About Family Feud

July 30, 2018

Prince Philip has had a rough couple of months. The 97-year-old monarch has missed several royal events over the past year. Granted, the prince has since retired from his royal duties last year, but he may be missing one more important event in the upcoming months. 

Even though he retired and underwent hip surgery last April, Philip was seen supporting his grandson's big day. In May, Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle tied the knot at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

There is another wedding on the horizon, however. Princess Eugenie is set to wed Jack Brooksbank this fall on October 12. The majority of the royal family is expecting to support her on her big day.

However, many people believe that Eugenie's grandfather, Philip, plans to skip out on the next big royal event of the season. The reason could be that he has an estranged relationship with Eugenie's mother, Sarah Ferguson, after she divorced his son Prince Andrew in 1992, according to "PEOPLE."

While he did attend Harry and Meghan's big day, a source tells "PEOPLE" that "he does what he wants." Philip can miss events as he pleases and skip the ones he chooses.

“He made a supreme effort for Harry. I would be very surprised if he did go because he is so estranged from Fergie," the source says. "I think he will decide at the 99th hour."

Princess Eugenie and Jack plan to marry at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, the same place Harry and Meghan got married. The soon to be bride and groom plan on invited 1,200 guests from members of the public to celebrate their big day on the castle grounds.

If Prince Philip doesn't attend, what would you think about that? Let us know!