Prince William and Kate Middleton Got Caught on Camera Doing This at Royal Service; Fans Couldn't Help But Share This With The Internet

July 11, 2018

Prince William and Kate Middleton are one of the most talked about couples across the globe. Rightfully so, they are quite the couple juggling three children and managing their royal responsibilities.

On July 10, the royal family celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force the day after Prince Louis christening event. While Kate hasn't been in the public's eye much prior to these two incredible events, it was an unexpected sight when she showed up to the RAF service.

During the formal service, many people caught on to what William and Kate were up to and couldn't help but smile. After seeing the happy couple, there's no surprise as to why we love them so much.

While the Duke and Duchess rarely share much public affection, the couple usually shares sweet smiles and endearing comments to one another. One precious interaction between the two just happened at Westminster Abby, and we are thrilled it was caught on camera.

Many of us have gone through this before. For some reason, during a serious moment, your body just has the urge to smile or chuckle. It's quick comical but also embarrassing especially during important events. And the future king did just that.

36-year-old William was sitting in a pew next to his wife and began to smirk during the royal service. Once the Duchess caught wind of what he was doing, she did her best not to giggle herself.

After sensing her husband's struggle, Kate turned toward William, who failed to hide his smile by tucking his head down toward a piece of paper as he scratched his upper lip. Once the camera changes angles, you can see Kate have the biggest smile.

You have to check out the cute moment yourself. Take a look below:

What do you think about this moment between the two royals? Let us know your thoughts!

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