Sad New About Prince William and Kate Middleton Just Released When They Made a Huge Decision Days Before The Queen's Event

June 19, 2018

More than 300,000 attended the Queen's favorite event of the year. While most people are tuning in for the FIFA World Cup tournament in Russia, others have been interested in the best horse racing festival — Royal Ascot.

The small town of Ascot is located in southern England and is enjoyed by thousands. They are calling it "Britain's most iconic events" for both the social and sporting calendars. 

This prominent event has been a tradition since 1768. Since then, the British monarch has attended every year. Aside from the royal family, other elite groups will be attending and arrive in style. Many will be shuttled in by helicopters with a thousand limousines waiting for them. It's been reported that over 400 helicopters will be flying in. 

With over an 11,000 pounds of salmon, 5,000 Angus steaks, and 7,000 rumps of English lamp, 5,300 pounds of sirloin, 3,5000 lobsters, and 8,000 Cornish crabs, there won't be an unsatisfied stomach at the show.

However, many people were delivered some sad, yet understandable, news about Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

Prince William was unable to attend the event due to a previous royal engagement. He is in Liverpool at the International Business Festival. It is the largest business event in the world.

As for Kate, she is on her maternity leave. While she was seen at several outings after giving birth to Prince Louis, they were for family events, such as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, and Trooping the Colour. She has since scaled back her royal duties to care for her precious baby and for herself. 

Royal fans have expressed a sadness to the fact that they won't be seeing Kate much this summer, but they are looking forward to this coming Autumn as she is likely to return to her royal responsibilities. 

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