Prince William Found Out His Father's Secret He Kept from Princess Diana; William and Harry Were In Tears

October 26, 2018

Losing a mother at such a young age would be hard on anyone. Prince William and Prince Harry had it extra hard as they were in the spotlight of all the destruction in the royal family. 

When the two found out that their parents were seeing other people, they took it hard. William's father, Prince Charles, was sneaking around with Camilla Parker Bowles, so William could see why the atmosphere was poisoned. When Princess Diana found out that her husband had been having an affair, she decided to shove it back in his face. 

Diana and Charles grew apart; they were seeing other people, and quickly felt uncomfortable being in the same room together. They could barely tolerate each other. When the two were together, it wasn't quiet. They had raging arguments that left both in tears, especially their two sons. 

The young, sensitive boys heard it all. When William and Harry were with their father, he would never invite Camilla over, but William was fully aware of his mother's distress.

Earlier in Diana and Charle's relationship, Diana found a gold bracelet. Prince William soon found out this heartbreaking story

At the time Diana found the bracelet, she assumed it was for her. The bracelet had the initials of GF on it which she thought stood for Gladys and Fred — a nickname she presumed they called each other. But she was wrong. 

The gorgeous bracelet was actually intended for his old flame, Camilla. The initials actually stood for Girl Friday which was his nickname for Camilla. Camilla was the ex-girlfriend before Diana and she remained too close for comfort in Diana's eyes.

What do you think about this secret gift Charles was keeping from Diana? Let us know! In other news, sad news has just been released about Kate Middleton leaving fans shattered!

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