Prince William Leaks a Secret We've All Been Wanting to Know; It's Everything We Have Hoped For And More

June 04, 2018

It seems the world knows everything about Prince William since we pretty much have watched him grow up. After some devastating losses and some exciting new chapters, Prince William appears to have grown into a wonderful husband, father, and leader.

After his mother passed away, our hearts went out to Prince William and his brother Prince Harry. Princess Diana was a wonderful and devoted mother to her boys. Both men overcame the heartbreak and grew into strong, devoted husbands — likely to be characteristics they received from their mother.

Prince William is a lucky man to have such a devoted wife as well. Kate Middleton has shown time and time again how caring and nurturing she is to their three children. They are one of the most admired couples in the world.

While we seem to know so much about Prince William already, there is one piece of information we don't know about him. Until now. The Duke has leaked some imperative news.

The tidbit of knowledge that he revealed has made him even more relatable. You may be like me when you think about the royal family dinners; the highest quality of food served on the most elegant China dishes on top of a magnificent palace table.

Even though this is likely to be true, Prince William and Kate have no problem eating "normal" food. In fact, they very much enjoy it. While the couple do enjoy dining out and top of the line restaurants, William shared his favorite fast food restaurant. Many people were shocked.

Fans weren't necessarily shocked by the location, as they have several joints across the United States, they were shocked that he had a favorite casual fast food place.

His go-to place for a casual atmosphere is Nando's, which is a Mozambique-Portuguese-inspired fast food chain. One of his protection officers introduced him to the place and he couldn't get enough. He even pulled the owner aside to rave about the meal he just had.

“This man here is your biggest fan; he’s introduced me to Nando’s. It’s very good!” William said when referencing his officer.

“I’m not surprised he’s eaten at Nando’s," the owner, Robert Brozin, said. "The beauty of Prince Harry and Prince William is that they’re really accessible and they are guys that go out a lot. They are people's people. I’m very happy that they’ve tried it.”

Now that it's Prince-approved, will you be giving Nando's a try?

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