Prince William Accidentally Reveals Baby's Gender; People Couldn't Believe Their Ears

April 12, 2018

Kate Middleton's due date is coming upon us so fast. We can't wait to find out if they are having a boy or a girl. But hold on, did Prince William just tell us the news?


He might have.



Tuesday night, after William was celebrating his soccer team's win, he may have gotten a little too exciting resulting in the slip-up.

After soccer player Jack Grealish's winning goal against the Aston Villa's rivals, Cardiff City, Prince William revealed to the fans about the possible baby boy he and Kate are expecting.


"I'm going to insist the baby is called Jack," the soon-to-be-again dad said, according to the "Mirror."

After a short pause, and realizing his mistake, he quickly added, "or Jackie."


William and Kate's third baby is due this month, and Kate plans to give birth at St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington, West London. At the hospital, there are even "no parking" signs in place for this "event."

What do you think the Royal couple should name their baby if it's a boy? Do you like the name Jack? Let us know in the comment section below!


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