Prince William Shares Emotional Best Man Speech About Princess Diana Leaving People Sobbing

May 22, 2018

The long-anticipated event has come and gone leaving everyone in smiles for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. About 29 million people tuned into this special day from across the globe, and people are still talking about it.



The evening reception was hosted by Prince Charles at Frogmore House in England. This is where Meghan delivered an emotional reception speech. However, she did leave out one person, in particular, leaving people to debate if it was intentional or not.



Then it was Prince William's turn to deliver his best man speech. While he was extremely delighted to be asked to be Harry's best man, he later revealed that "revenge is sweet." His prank had people in stitches, and you can check out what he did to his little brother HERE.



Later in his speech, he became serious when talking about sister-in-law and his beloved mother, Princess Diana.

After welcoming Meghan to the family, he spoke about their late mother. Everyone instantly fell into tears as Williams speech turned very emotional.



“He did mention their late mother, Princess Diana, and said she would have been proud of her younger son," a guest of the wedding said. "He said he was proud of Harry too, and welcomed Meghan as the sister he never had."

We are sure that Princess Diana would have been extremely proud of both her sons. Do you agree?


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