Prince William Makes Candid Confession About Little Charlotte, Leaving The World Wondering What Lies Ahead For The Precious Princess

December 06, 2018

Prince William, 36, revealed an adorable secret about his daughter, Princess Charlotte. Now it’s all anyone can talk about. When his wife, Duchess Kate was still out on maternity leave, the Duke of Cambridge had been going solo on his outings and royal engagements.

On a recent trip to Liverpool, the Duke made a surprising confession about his daughter Princess Charlotte that has left the world curious to hear more.

At only three years old, the only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has stolen the hearts of millions with her playful and willful antics. Now, in a candid revelation from her father, we learn one more secret about this darling little royal.

While in Liverpool, the Duke of Cambridge paid a visit to the International Business Festival where he met several business owners and chatted with them about what they do. One business, in particular, made an impression on the Duke, and he had a lot to say about their wares.

The Liverpool Echo shares details about the incident,  “And his face lit up at the end of his visit when he was given a special gift from Liverpool's Leather Satchel Company - three bags, each with the name of one of his children on. The Duke seemed genuinely happy and surprised to see the gifts and picked one of the bags up to have a close look before having a chat with makers Keith and Gail Hanshaw."

Daily Mail reports, “ According to the Liverpool Echo, William told bag-makers Keith and Gail Hanshaw: 'Charlotte will be obsessed with that – I'll never be able to get it off her.'

"He also confirmed to them that Charlotte loves pink after the Duchess of Cambridge revealed it was her favourite colour last November."

Prince William went on to share that his daughter has become 'obsessed' with fashion lately, and there is nothing her parents can do to quell her fascination with dresses, hair bows, and shoes. She has become very particular about what she wears and has a mind of her own when it comes time to get dressed.

If little Miss Charlotte is like this already at age three, we shudder to think about what William and Kate will have on their hands when their daughter becomes a teenager. All we can say is, they'd better get ready! They're in for a very interesting time!

To learn more about little Princess Charlotte's many talents, watch the video, below.

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