Pro-Choice Company Offers Controversial Abortion-Themed Ice Cream Flavor

August 21, 2018

Just recently, a Portland, Oregon company has made headlines after their latest controversial decision. The Portland-based company has teamed up with National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, or NARAL, which is a Pro-Choice organization in the United States that advocates for expanding access to abortion and opposes restrictions on abortions.

“What’s the Scoop?” is offering their customers a pint of a controversial abortion-themed ice cream flavor in hopes to “save Roe” from President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

For a limited time, the pint of “Rocky Roe v. Wade” is being sold for $9.50 to “help defend reproductive freedom,” according to NARAL’s fundraising poster.

“Is the hot weather and political climate getting you down? It’s time to eat more ice cream!” NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon wrote on its Facebook page.

According to Fox News, Grayson Dempsey, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon’s executive director, replied to a tweet that blasted the organization and labeled it “disgusting” for “celebrating abortions with ice creams.”

“What’s disgusting is shaming women and terrorizing local businesses,” Dempsey wrote. “Shame on you.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of abortions in the United States has increased gradually from 1973 until 1990 and has since declined. In 1990, there were over 1.4 million abortions, and in 2014, there were less than half as many. There were 652,639 abortions.

A pro-life legal organization, Americans United for Life, who has been involved in every pro-life case since Roe v. Wade before the Supreme Court. They shared their view and blasted NARAL’s campaign:

"It’s truly appalling that any organization would trivialize abortion, which even Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy recognized is a weighty, life-changing decision that many women - like me - come to deeply regret, by turning it into a joke and a tongue-in-cheek ice cream flavor,” Catherine Glenn Foster, President and CEO of AUL, told Fox News.

“This kind of twisted humor diminishes the lived experiences of millions of women and may be why so many Americans are waking up to the reality of abortion - why we increasingly favor life-affirming laws and policies. And it distorts the joyful and childlike qualities of ice cream and tries to corrupt a delicious frozen treat into a perverse political statement. Based on the public reactions on social media, that turns the stomachs of Americans nationwide,” she said.

What are your thoughts on this controversial abortion-themed ice cream? Let us know!