Professor Told Students To Do This To Family Who Watch Fox News "When They're Not Looking"

October 31, 2018

When we were in school, things seemed more straightforward. Didn't they? English, Math, History, Science, Health, and PE. Our teachers stayed within their lines of teaching, and we turned out alright.

But today, some teachers are coloring outside those lines, creeping into the homes of differentiating viewpoints and causing quite the ruckus.

A North Carolina State University professor has caught a lot of attention by his students and their parents after she suggested they "block Fox News" from their family members, among other suggestions.

“When they’re not looking, set the parental controls on the TVs of your family members to block Fox News,” the handout read. “Fox News spreads bigotry and hatred.”

A picture of the handout was posted to Twitter by @Cameron_Vinson, who said that his friend was the one who received the packet from his sociology professor.

“This was handed out by my friends sociology professor at NC State hahahahah my favorite is ‘block Fox News from your parents TV when they’re not looking,'” Cameron tweeted.

As of today, the tweet has been retweeted over 2,200 times with over 3,400 likes and nearly 1,000 comments.

Political commentator and chairman for Trump Students, Ryan Fournier, had reshared the post, according to "The Daily Caller." From there, the post had been retweeted more than 5,700 times with over 6,600 likes.

"Michaela DeSoucey, a Professor at North Carolina State University handed this paper out to her students, telling them to block Fox News and follow liberal commentators to name a few," Fournier tweeted.

"This is a public, tax-payer funded university. Liberal indoctrination is real and it must end!" he continued.

Bethany Blankley, who works for "The Hayride," wrote an email to DeSoucey asking about her decision for handing out the paper.

Below is the response from the university:

"Upon reflection, Dr. DeSoucey has realized she erred in crossing the line between educating and advocating. She has apologized, we have accepted her apology, and we consider this matter closed.

Jeffery P. Braden, PhD
Professor of Psychology
Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences"

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