Abandoned Puppy Was Poisoned and Left For Dead—Until a Hero Showed Up

February 09, 2018

Ricardo D’Amico was recently taking a relaxing Sunday afternoon bike ride. He didn’t think anything exciting was going to happen during it, but then he pedaled past a blanket that had been tossed in a ditch.

He thought he saw something in the blanket, so he stopped to investigate what was happening. That’s when he was what was wrapped inside: a little black and white puppy.

The puppy could barely move. It was surrounded with blood, but Ricardo was unable to find any wounds on it, so he knew that he needed to get the dog medical help. Ricardo called his friend LaChrystal Ricke, the director of Reggie’s Friends, an organization that helps dogs in need.

When Ricardo brought the dog to the organization, they had to figure out what had happened to it. “We all thought he had been thrown from a car wrapped in a blanket,” Ricke shared. “But when I picked him up, there were no wounds to match up with the amount of blood he had on and around him.”

When they got the dog to the vet, they ran a series of tests. That’s when they discovered that the puppy had been poisoned.

“Blood tests confirmed that he had severe rodenticide toxicity,” Ricke shared. “The poison in his blood was over 400%. It’s one of the most horrible things I have ever seen in rescue.”

Immediately, the puppy went through a blood and plasma transfusion to help his chances of survival. But when Ricke left the puppy at the vet, he assumed he would never see him alive again. He shared a heart wrenching post on Facebook about the horrors that the poor puppy (baby Ric) went through.

“We sat, I cried, Baby Ric kissed my face. He was literally bleeding out in front of our eyes...I said my goodbyes to Baby Ric, told her do what needs done and left. Covered in blood—hands, arms, pants, face—feeling this would be the last time I’d see my little man alive.”

Miraculously, he survived overnight. By the next day, he had already significantly improved. He was eating and drinking and started to act like a puppy.

He quickly recovered enough to go home and finish his recovery with a foster family. At his new home, the puppy was given the name Lincoln. He has gotten healthier and healthier.


According to his foster mom, Jennifer, “Lincoln is now learning how to play. At first he was quite scared, and he would run away, but now he’s kind of excited about getting in there.” It’s so incredible that Lincoln is getting healthy. Puppies deserve happy lives.

In other news, this poor old dog was found with his mouth duct taped shut. Luckily, a neighbor saw and rescued him. Read more about this heroic rescue story here.

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