Quick and Easy Ways to Cover Gray Roots

December 11, 2017

You head to the salon to get your hair dyed (again), spend an hour or two there, pay way too much money, and head home. You love the way it looks, but a couple weeks later when you look in the mirror, you see your roots peeking back out.

It’s always a little disappointing when you realize it’s time to make another appointment, but it’s something we all struggle with. Luckily, there are some solutions to help your trip to the salon last as long as possible. Instead of heading back to the salon next time you see your gray roots poking out, check out these options to help cover them up.

1. Clairol Root Touch Up

This boxed dye is quick and easy. It’s specifically designed to cover up your gray roots in between salon appointments. There are several color options and an easy application. Check it out here.

2. John Frieda Root Blur

This product might seem a little strange the first few times you put it on, but some users swear by it. It is a brush on powder that lets you cover up any showing gray hairs. Just brush it onto the strands you want to cover and you should be set to go. This one is not a permanent color, so you would have to continue using it each time you want the hair covered. Find it here. 

3. Mascara wand touch up

Another great option to touch up your roots is this mascara wand applicator. Using this product, you just brush the wand through your gray hair and the product colors your hair. Check it out here.

4. Color spray

Another option for coloring grays is to spray on a color that matches your hair. If you find the right color, you can just spray the parts that need to be covered. It might take a little bit of getting used to, but after a couple of uses, you should be set. Check it out here.

What’s your favorite product for covering your gray hair? Let us know on facebook.

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