Raccoon Saved After Almost Choking to Death—Homeowners, Take Note

December 20, 2017

As the weather gets colder, many animals seek out the warmest place they can find. For some animals that can’t get inside, the warmest place is in a car’s engine or in the wheel wells. This keeps them out of rain and snow and helps them stay a little warmer.


One man found this out the hard way when he went outside and found a raccoon that had gotten tangled in his car’s tarp. The tarp had elastic around the bottom edge. When the raccoon tried to sneak up under it to stay warm, the elastic had caught around his head.

When the raccoon struggled to escape from the tarp, it just got more and more twisted, strangling him. By the time the owner of the car found the raccoon, it was choking to death.


When the owner tried to untangle the raccoon, the animal was afraid and tried to bite him. However, it soon realized that the man was actually trying to save him.


They tried untwisting the tarp, then the owner tried to cut the elastic, but nothing seemed to work. As the man tried to cut it, the raccoon started to bite it. Eventually, a neighbor came over to help get the raccoon untangled.

They were eventually able to cut the tarp, but it was still twisted around the raccoon’s neck. Eventually, they were able to slide it off his head so he could breathe.


After he was freed, the raccoon took a little bit of time to recover from his injury. He then started eating the food that the car owner left out for him. Check out the video below.



This sweet little guy was so lucky that the car owner was there to save his life! Make sure to check your cars and garages to ensure that you don’t have any animals looking for a warm place to stay.


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