‘Draining The Swamp’ Takes On New Meaning As Rats Infest Nation’s Capital - We’re Talking Literally Here

December 19, 2018

Those who claim that the whole town of Washington DC is infested with vermin are usually speaking figuratively. But, now we learn that the assertion is more literal than anyone could have ever imagined. Rats - yes, the rodents - are 'taking over' the city and there doesn't seem to be much happening to put an end to the ever-growing plague.

Fox News reporter John Roberts gives his first-hand account of his encounter with the four-legged pests.


“So - I am standing in our @FoxNews standup location on the @WhiteHouse North Lawn and notice in my peripheral vision something moving at my left foot. I assumed it was one of the ubiquitous WH squirrels. But no....it was a big brown rat.

In spite of a so-called ‘war on the rat population’  announced by DC mayor, there are still huge obstacles in the way of making it a reality.


"Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has given an extra $900,000 to increase rat control efforts. The government is also offering financial aid for restaurants to buy garbage compactors to limit the rats' food supply."

Authorities say that two issues are contributing to the unrelenting invasion: mild weather and the rapidly-increasing human population

“The pest control company Orkin rates Washington as America's fourth ‘Rattiest City,’ based on the number of new service calls. It is just behind Los Angeles and New York City. Chicago has been No. 1 in each of the past four years.”


More people means more restaurants, which means more garbage that sits in dumpsters overnight - creating a paradise of feeding for prowling nocturnal pests.

According to rat expert Roy Corrigan, there is a solution, but it’s unlikely to be instituted because of public resistance.

He says the solution is for the city to collect the garbage at night.

"The usual early morning pickup plays right (to) the rats, which are active all night long," he said.

But this solution would be “almost be impossible to carry out because of employment issues and late-night noise concerns.” Citing nighttime noise and overtime pay as deterrents to the implementation of this logical solution.

Some of the more light-hearted social media users are having a bit of fun with the whole disgusting situation:


"If rats were counted as part of the population, DC would be bigger than 23 states"


"There are so many places to go with this joke that I don't even know if I should try LOL depending on your political persuasion, we could all are you there has been a rat problem in DC for some time"


"Someday, one of these rats will learn how to cook, run a restaurant kitchen in secret, impress a highly acclaimed food critic against all odds, and then be celebrated as a genius"


"Is there a subtext here?"

So, it looks as though, for the time being, the rats will continue to inhabit our nation's capital. And even after they manage to eradicate the four-legged type, the plague of the two-legged variety is sure to continue throughout history. We wish President Trump good luck in draining the real swamp.


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