Troubling News On Heels Of ‘Good Report’ About Justice Ginsburg’s Fragile Health. Is Trump Readying Her Replacement?

January 14, 2019

As the United States Supreme Court begins its second week of hearing oral arguments without ailing Ruth Bader Ginsburg, people are starting to talk about what is really going on with the 85-year-old justice. On the heels of the statement released last week by the Supreme Court, most people are pleased that the news is good.

Ginsburg, who underwent cancer surgery in December after two malignant tumors were discovered in her lungs, has been recovering from her ordeal at home. She has been too unwell to travel to the Court to resume her usual duties when the court reconvened last week. Since then she has, reportedly, been doing her job from home.

Opinions vary widely on what should be done about an absentee member of the court. Concerns have been raised over the decision to allow RBG to participate even though she is still too weak to travel to the court.

And even though a spokesperson from the SCOTUS issued a reassuring statement declaring Ginsburg "free of cancer" and that she will be returning to the bench shortly, there is a segment of the population that is skeptical.

Ginsburg has reportedly been reading all the briefs from her bed at home and subsequently issuing her rulings from there. The most suspicious members of the public are wondering if it is even she who is making those rulings, even questioning the validity of her rulings. If nothing else, they see it as a huge potential for irregularities.

The main concern rest in her ruling on the cases from her home. Some have even raised the question of ‘How do we even know it’s Ginsburg making those rulings?”

“How can we have any confidence in Ruth Bader Ginsburg's rulings when she's absent for oral arguments? Can we have any confidence that she's even the one rendering the decisions?“

In spite of the reassuring news coming out of Washington, realist insiders say that the politics of Justice Ginsburg’s replacement has already been the subject of hush-hush meetings.

Even stalwart conservatives are praising the news.

“Every cancer recovery or remission is a miracle and a blessing. This is only good news.”

But others are having none of it, harkening back to Ms. Ginsburg’s own words about when or if she would retire.

“Why is this acceptable? Ruth Bader Ginsburg said herself "retire when I can no longer do the job full steam"...SO this is "full steam"?? Being involved in the Nation's greatest court working from bed?”

And, although the SCOTUS is supposed to be the one branch of the Federal Government that is free from political pressure and opinion, it is undoubtedly true that the left does not want to have any rulings go through the court without Justice Ginsburg famously liberal leanings.

Only time will tell what lies ahead for the highest court in the land, more specifically, whether or not Ginsburg is going to be able to make a full recovery. Of course, we continue to pray that her health continues to improve. But, by the same token, we hope that the right decisions will be made about whether or not she is fit to continue in the demanding role of Supreme Court Justice.

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