Recent Update on Melania Trump Disappearance Conspiracy

June 05, 2018

Recently there have been several speculations as to the whereabouts of the first lady, Melania Trump. Several news sources thought she went MIA after her benign kidney surgery. Speculations and conspiracy began to arise. 

"The media scrutiny spawned several conspiracies about her “disappearance.” Some of the theories involved medical issues, while other were incendiary and intended to disparage her marriage to President Donald Trump," states one source.

However, you can rest assured that everything is just fine with the first lady and her marriage to President Trump. On Monday she came 'dressed to impress' in a classic black dress and 6" heels at the Gold Star Families reception. Here she is on video:

The Gold Star Families reception is an event hosted by the White House to recognize fallen soldiers and their families. Melania reportedly stated she wouldn't miss this event for anything. Melania, we thank you for being there, despite your recent medical problems!

Here is Melania in her beautiful outfit sitting next to Trump!

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