10-Year-Old With Autism Builds Record Breaking Lego Model

April 16, 2018

It took over 700 hours (11 months total), but a 10-year-old boy from Reykjavik, Iceland finally completed a project of titanic scale; a 26-foot long, 5-foot tall replica of the Titanic.


What makes this build extra special is that the boy, Brynjar Karl Bigisson, has autism.


Brynjar started playing with Legos when he was 5 years old. “I sometimes built from instructions, and sometimes, I used my own imagination,” he said.



Brynjar used to be obsessed with trains, but ever since his grandfather took him out on a fishing boat, he was fascinated with ships. He took a special interest in the Titanic, and by the time he was 10, he knew everything he could about the ship.


“When I traveled with my mom to Legoland in Denmark and saw for the first time all the amazing big models of famous houses and planes, locations, and ships, I probably then started to think about making my own Lego model,” he said.


“By the time I was 10, I started to think about building the Lego Titanic model in a Lego man size.”


Brynjar’s grandfather, Ogmundsson, is an engineer and helped him with the project, along with his mother, Bjarney Ludviksdottir. Ogmundsson scaled down the original Titanic blueprint to help figure out how many Lego bricks would be needed for the project.



The project ended up using 56,000 Lego bricks. Donations from family and friends helped him afford all the Lego bricks.


Brynjar says he was able to embrace his autism through this long project. He had problems communicating before the project, making him unhappy and lonely, but the interviews he gave after his project’s completion has given him confidence.


“When I started the building process, I had a person helping me in school in every step that I took, but today, I’m studying without any support. My grades have risen, and my classmates consider me as their peer,” he said.


His Lego Titanic was shipped from Iceland in three pieces, where it will be reconstructed and put on display at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for over a year.



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