Hilarious News Blooper: Reporter Falls Into Pool During Live Interview

April 11, 2018

News bloopers are one of the greatest videos on the internet. There is nothing quite like making a mistake on live television that makes us laugh. It might be embarrassing to the reporters, but we can’t get enough.


The Commonwealth Games are underway in Australia and a BBC reporter tried to get an interview with members of the British swim team and accidentally went for a swim himself.


The reporter, Mike Bushell, even had famous last words before the unexpected plunge. “I’m going to be very careful because I’ve got this sound pack on,” said Bushell.




As soon as he took that extra step, however, he was neck-deep in the swimming pool. The swimmers, and everyone at home, immediately burst into laughter.


“I didn’t see the step,” he exclaimed. “Sorry about that. Well, that’s given you all a good laugh. Just look before you get in a swimming pool in the future.”


Watch the full clip in its entirety in the video below!



Even with the embarrassing plunge and the microphone shorting out, Bushell still went on with his interview.


The BBC Breakfast crew even used the clever hashtag #MikeDrop to describe his pool plunge.


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