Rescue Dog Saves 12 Lives in Mexico City Earthquake

September 27, 2017

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City last week, reducing many buildings to rubble in its aftermath. Rescuers have been working around the clock in their search for survivors buried in the rubble.

Luckily for all those involved, the rescuers have a superhero with them, a yellow labrador named Frida.

Frida is deployed with the Mexican Navy and has saved over 12 lives and counting during her search for trapped survivors, including several children at a school and a police officer.

Frida’s custom-made doggy goggles and boots have made her instantly recognizable as a nationwide hero. She has become a social media star, including an effort to place her image on the 500-peso note.

Even the office of the Mexican President has recognized Frida’s heroics.

This isn’t Frida’s first heroic rescue either. She has put her superhero nose to work during a Mexico City gas explosion in 2013, a landslide in Guatemala in 2015, as well as a handful of other Mexican earthquakes in the past.

While other rescue dogs are also on the scene in Mexico City, including dogs from the United States, no other dog has matched Frida’s efforts as of yet.

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