Revealed: Huge 'Mistake' Found in Royal Wedding Photos; People Can't Take Their Eyes off of It

May 23, 2018

Last weekend's Royal wedding was spectacular. With 29 million people watching around the globe, people couldn't take their eyes off of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — now with the official title as Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


Kensington Palace released three photos of the bride and groom with their Royal family members. Two of the three are in question when the photographer Alexi Lubomirski took these photos.


The group shot featuring the newlyweds and the bridesmaids and the page boys were the photos that everyone was having an issue with.


In the photo, 4-year-old Ivy Mulroney, who is the daughter of Meghan's best friend Jessica Mulroney, and 3-year-old Florence Van Custem, Prince Harry's goddaughter, were in the photo holding a bouquet.


In the following shot, Florence does not have a bouquet at all. She isn't holding anything.


"Flower girls short one head garland and one bouquet in pictures and entering church, what happened???" a fan said on Twitter. "It shouldn't bother me but because I know it's meant to be there it really irritates me that one of the flower girls is missing their bouquet in the royal wedding pics."


Well, there's an answer for that. In fact, it's quite simple.


Precious Ivy was not given a flower bouquet during the ceremony because she had the responsibility to take the bride's flowers once she reached the altar. "New Idea" also pointed out that Ivy's hairstyle was fit for holding a bouquet, so she wore flowers in her hair.


What do you think about this finding? Let us know! In other news, Prince William shares an emotional best man speech about Princess Diana leaving guests sobbing.


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