Fans, Overjoyed As WWE Legend Bounces Back From 'Serious Medical Emergency,' Now Heartbroken Over What Happened Next

May 22, 2019

After more than a week of tension-filled waiting, fans of ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The wrestling superstar was seen leaving the hospital after having surgery on Monday.

TMZ posted photos of the 70-year-old legend being wheeled out of the hospital on Wednesday morning, accompanied by wife Wendy Barlow.

Flair seemed in good spirits and was spotted wearing a bright red ’Ric Flair WWE’ t-shirt.

But the news is not all good. Some unhappy news was released shortly before Flair went under the knife and fans are left dealing with disappointment and heartbreak.

Fans were first made aware of Rich’s medical condition last week when TMZ clued us in that Flair “was rushed to the hospital last week after experiencing a medical emergency.

"Doctors initially postponed a surgical procedure due to complications but ultimately went forward with the operation on Monday.”

Flair finally underwent the undisclosed procedure on Monday; doctors proclaimed the surgery “a success.”

We still don’t know just what Ric’s medical problems consisted of, but we are sure grateful that he was able to have them taken care of - reportedly with complete success!

It is widely known that “Ric had been having heart issues in the past few months -- and had undergone several procedures over the past few months.”

In an over-abundance of caution, doctors urged Ric to reconsider some plans that his fans have been looking forward to for months.

It was a tough call, but, in the end, "Nature Boy' made the decision that is in the best interests of his future health.

Even though the beloved ring-master is out of the hospital, Ric has made the difficult decision to cancel his scheduled appearance this weekend in Las Vegas where he was scheduled to be the guest of honor at a celebrity roast.

"Flair was supposed to be the guest of honor at 'The Roast of Ric Flair' at Caesars Palace ... where some huge wrestling stars and comedians were planning on blasting the guy with some friendly fire on the night before AEW's first pay-per-view event.

“But, a spokesperson for Flair tells us ... unfortunately, Ric won't be healthy enough by Friday evening to make the trip from Atlanta to Vegas."

Of course, fans are disappointed that their idol will not be appearing; it is unclear whether or not the event will go on without Flair.

Please continue sending prayers for Ric’s recovery; they are clearly working!

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