UPDATE: Arrest Made In Grisly Quadruple Homicide At North Dakota Business; Motive Remains A Mystery

April 17, 2019

It’s been weeks since the tragic shooting deaths of four employees of a North Dakota business shocked the community - and the nation. Police now have a suspect in custody, but questions remain - especially about why he did it.

Just three days after the April 1st quadruple homicides, police arrested a local chiropractor for the rampage. But the motive for his actions remains a mystery, even to the survivors of those killed.

Jackie Fakler, for one, wants an answer to the main question, "Why?" Her husband, Robert, was co-owner of RJR Maintenance and Management, where the crime took place - and one of the victims.

The story began on April 1st when police responded to a medical call for help at the Mandan, North Dakota business. When they arrived, they discovered four deceased people, victims of apparent foul play.

Among the four bodies found at RJR were three males and one female. “Police have said that it is being treated as a homicide and detectives are looking for a suspect in the crime.”

The victims were identified as business owner Robert Fakler, 52, and employees Adam Fuehrer, 42, Lois Cobb, 45, and William Cobb, 50.

Jackie Fakler, whose husband was one of the victims says she is still in the dark about why Isaak did what he is accused of doing.

Fox News reports, “Chad Isaak, 44, a chiropractor in Washburn, faces four felony counts of murder in the April 1 deaths of RJR Maintenance and Management co-owner Robert Fakler and three workers in Mandan, a town of 22,000 near the state capital of Bismarck.”

Fakler says she knew Isaak only as a resident of one of the properties the business represented. And that their interactions were “all very normal.”

“Isaak lived on property managed by the company, but police have said that while they have plenty of evidence — spent shell casings, a knife, and gun parts — they still haven't identified a motive.”

Police say that all victims were either stabbed or shot to death and were not together at the facility when Isaak confronted them.

“The victims were in different areas of the building and were killed within 13 minutes, according to Fakler. The Cobbs were in the office area; Fakler and Fuehrer in the back shop area.”

Police were able to zero in on Isaak as the perp, by using surveillance video footage.

“Police followed evidence from surveillance video at RJR and other businesses to arrest Isaak three days after the slayings.

“Court documents allege Isaak took one of the company's vehicles, drove about a block, then walked to his own truck parked in the area.

“Fakler said it wasn't unusual for Bill Cobb to leave a company truck running with the keys in it.”

When Isaak got back to his home in Washburn, North Dakota (approximately 35 minutes away) he reportedly went back to work at his chiropractic business, seeing patients as though nothing had happened.

Although Fakler heaps praise on the police for the speed with which they arrested the suspect she is dismayed by the lack of further information - particularly as to “WHY?”

“But then now you're flooded with all the questions — why? What could have been so horrible that he had to take four people's lives?"

Isaak is currently being held on $1 million bond and is facing life in prison if convicted. He will officially enter a pea on May 14th.

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