Legendary ‘60s, ‘70s Leading Man Takes Terrible Fall, Leaving Fans Worried About Beloved 83-Year-Old’s Future

February 18, 2019

We loved him as secret agent James West in the classic ‘60s western, ‘The Wild, Wild West’ and as Marine aviator Greg ‘Pappy’ Boyington in ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ (later, ‘Black Sheep Squadron’)

And who could ever forget his iconic Eveready commercial in which he ‘dared you’ to knock the battery off his shoulder? Those gorgeous dimples and piercing blue eyes made female hearts flutter all over the world.

Yes, Robert Conrad brought us immense enjoyment throughout his multi-decade career and that’s why it’s so sad to report on his latest condition.

In spite of the timeless images that are preserved on film for all posterity, there’s no denying that time marches on, even for one of the most handsome and virile leading men.

And at 83-years-of-age, the treasured actor is suffering the same unavoidable indignities of advancing age as the rest of us do. But it’s still hard to take when we see it for ourselves.

When an actor makes such an indelible mark on our hearts and our memories in the robust, vivacious roles they played on screen, it’s difficult to imagine them EVER fading into the sunset.

We prefer to remember performers like Conrad as they were. And we have ample opportunity to reinforce that long-held impression we have of them at the peaks of their careers, thanks to TNT, Netflix, et al.

Just this month, “AGING TV legend Robert Conrad took a humiliating tumble to the pavement that left him bruised and battered just outside his Malibu physical therapist’s office.”

According to the Globe, The feeble 83-year-old had to be lifted by two aides into a wheelchair following the shocking Feb. 1 fall.”

Photos show just how completely the actor fell.

“He just collapsed on the ground and he lay there helpless on his side,” an eyewitness tells GLOBE. “He had just gotten out of the car and was holding onto the passenger door while his ­assistant went to get the wheelchair.”

Please join us in wishing the beloved star a speedy recovery. We pray that Robert Conrad, one off our favorite actors of all time, has many, many more years of enjoyment on this earth.

To reminisce about the 'good old days' and to see the gorgeous Robert Conrad in his iconic battery commercial, watch the video, below. ENJOY!

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