Robert De Niro Says, '----' Trump!' At 2018 Tony Awards Show Leaving People Furious

June 11, 2018

It seems it is expected now that at every award show it should be a Trump-bashing-party. Many people are aware of actor Robert De Niro's feelings towards President Donald Trump.

On Sunday, June 10, De Niro took the stage at the politically-charged Tony Awards show and announced a profanity-laced diatribe at Trump. After his hateful comment, the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

"I'm going to say one thing: ----, Trump!" De Niro said as he clenched his fists into the air.

As he stood there, the crowd grew with noise in agreeance with his cruel remark. The viewers in the United States only received dead air as it was censored, however, the viewers in Australia were able to hear everything.

"It's no longer down with Trump, it's ----, Trump!" De Niro concluded.

Once De Niro finished his explicit remarks about our president, he introduced Bruce Springsteen's upcoming performance.

“Bruce, you can rock the house like nobody else," he said. "Even more important in these perilous times, you rock the vote. Always fighting for, in your own words, truth, transparency, integrity in government. Boy, do we need that now.”

This isn't the first time De Niro has taken the stage to bash Trump. Many of us are aware that he is not a fan of him. During the presidential elections in 2016, he appeared several times on "Saturday Night Live" to knock down Trump.

In March, De Niro even reportedly bashed him at the Fulfillment Fund fundraiser, then again in April at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.

What do you think about his explicit remarks at the Tony Awards? Let us know! We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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